Teacher Hen Hanita

Teacher Hen Hanita
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יום רביעי, 21 בספטמבר 2011

Peace Movie Project

Hello Peace Movie Makers,
Today was a very busy day with peace celebrations throughout our school.  There are many thoughts running through my head about this movie.  They are not in order of importance but general thoughts, inspirations
First thank you to all the school participating.  The out pouring of movies and the diversity of movies far exceeded what I imagine, 16 students, five continents, and hundreds of children impacted. My students have watched the movies several times.  Personally when I watch the movie smiles come to face.  Every school took a risk and tried something new.  More importantly students across the globe starting thinking about peace and sharing their ideas. When I look at children in these films I see our future leaders and if they begin thinking about peace a global scale now then we are in for a very bright future in my opinion
Secondly,  I don't want this project to end because as my kids say you start with one day of peace and hope it gets contagious. I will keep the dropbox open.  If you meet a school throughout this year ask them to share a SHORT movie about peace and put in the peace movie dropbox or email it to. Imagine if each one of our classroom meets a new classroom and shares the message of peace then we would have over 50 schools across the globe talking about peace. You up for the challenge? or this just a crazy thought?
Thirdly, let's not let the connection end. My students are planning on singing the "the rainbow generation" song as an entire school and sending the video to the South Africa schools in a month's time.  I am sharing the contacts for all the global video project through a google doc.  Continue the connection of peace.
Fourthly, I would love to hear about the story behind the scenes.  What impact did this have on your children?  What did they learn and gain?  Was it enjoyable for them?  Please email your stories and highlights of this project plus any suggestions for the future.
Lastly, In regards to the movie.  My students are torn and wondering what to do.  If we take everybody's entire full length movie classrooms will need an intermission break and popcorn.  My students definitely want to take a small part of the all the movies and make 3- 4 minute movie that showcases this project, recognizes each school and their ideas of peace.  The other thought is hosting them on a website and featuring each school.  It will take us about a week to put everything together.  Does everybody have access to the dropbox with all the movies, in the meantime?  If not let me know I will get you all the movies.
There are many other thoughts, but the hour is late. Thanks again for making International Peace Day special for my students.  You movies have made a difference.  Keep in touch and keep sharing your thoughts and ideas. I will be in touch with the final product.

Garret Ferguson

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