Teacher Hen Hanita

Teacher Hen Hanita
huberman school

יום ראשון, 26 באוקטובר 2014

החבילה מישראל לאוסטרליה....בדרך.

הצג מפה גדולה יותר

Greetings to pupils and teacher Tonya.
 My name is Hanita and I am a school teacher in Huberman school in the city of Petah Tikva , Israel. Our school is located in the city of Petah Tikva. we are in fifth grade. In our  class there are 37 students, 13 girls and 24 boys.
 Our school is a  musical school. We learn to play various musical instruments, and we also  learn all the other professions (Hebrew, English, arithmetic, sport) we also learn  debate and rhetoric.
  We have chosen to send you a furry doll-Dove. The Dove symbolizes peace. In the bible  Noah sent  the   Dove and it came back into the Ark  with olive branch in her mouth. The olive branch  of the Dove is a part of the State of Israel symbol  .In joyful events we release  Doves in to the air. We want the Dove to  visit your country, get to know you, show her your  school, tell her about the holidays you celebrate, walk with her, etc...we will be happy to read  and see pictures of it.
 We look forward to receiving your cockatoo bird, we  promise to treat him well and introduce him to the small but beautiful State of Israel !
We are very thrilled and excited

love,    Hanita and the students

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