Teacher Hen Hanita

Teacher Hen Hanita
huberman school

יום ראשון, 13 במרץ 2016

שומרים על צבי הים.

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                                     Neptune, the Caretta2 and his diary are starting their great adventure to create 
a global school chain
First stop, Israel and Huberman Elementary
Then off to the Boy's Latin School in Maryland
and all over the States

Neptune will be spending a week in each school
during which time you can draw, write, and post photos in the diary
Please share all the links of local media, blogs, etc covering your activities
in the Google form

How exciting to be creating such a global school chain for 
this worthy cause... not only to raise awareness for the logerhead turtle 
but also to protect the planet coasts and seas from litter and pollution

 Hangout with Effie Kyrikakis from Greece and Debbi from USA

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