Teacher Hen Hanita

Teacher Hen Hanita
huberman school

יום שלישי, 16 במרץ 2010

יום ספורט

היום בבוקר,הגיעו התלמידים ‬לבית הספר עם חיוך גדול‮.‬

יום ספורט!!
יום הספורט נפתח במופע‮. ‬המופע כלל תרגילי התעמלות כמו גלגלונים‮, ‬קפיצות ותרגילי שפגאט, קפווארה, כדורגל וכדורסל..

בתום המופע‮, ‬החלה ההפעלה בתחנות‮.

‬על כל אחת מהתחנות היו אחראיים נציגי כיתות ו'‮. ‬הם הסבירו לילדים על אופן הפעילות בתחנה, הדגימו ועודדו.

הם היו אחראים גם על איסוף הנקודות.ורשמו נקודות על כל ניצחון‮‮.‬

הילדים מאוד סקרנים לגבי סיכום הנקודות...מי ניצח??

הילדים עברו מתחנה לתחנה, ומאוד נהנו
יום ספורט היה יום שכולו הנאה‮, ‬תנועה‮, ‬סובלנות וחברות.‬

תודה רבה לאוסנת ולתלמידים שעזרו לה:)

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  1. Thank you for visiting our blog. Its great to meet a class from Israel . We will be usining Google translator to read your updates.

    Lots of Love, Miss Tyler-Smith and the Grade Fives
    from Cape Town, South Africa. xxx

  2. שלום

    I enjoyed watching your Animoto. We also use the parachute in our gym class. You can see a picture of my students using the parachute in the
    video about our school.I am having trouble leaving a comment because in Hebrew you write right to left, but when I time in English the words come out right to left and the periods end up on the wrong end of the sentence and the margin is on the right. Do you have the same problem when you leave comments on our blog?

  3. Dear Miss tyler-smith and Grade five,

    me and my students are pleased for your reply and we will be happy if you send us your post adress of your school in order to send you postcards that introduce ourselves.
    Hanita hen and the third grade students

  4. Dear Bob,
    me and my students are pleased to your reply. i read your post to my students in english and i translate them because they learn english at school.
    we will be happy if you send us your post adress of your school in order to send you postcards that introduce ourselves.
    פסח שמח וכשר
    Hanita Hen and the third grade students

  5. Hello Hanita and your class,

    I was happy to find your blog. I'm a teacher of a Grade 2 class in Western Australia.

    It's very interesting to see children in Israel doing the same things we do here in Australia. We have sports days just like this one, where all the children rotate around different activities and have lots of fun!

    I'm adding you to our blog roll so we can check back to see what else you are doing in your classroom :)

    Love Mrs N

  6. I really enjoy the fact that this blog is not in English, because I have been trying to explain to my students about how we can translate pages off the internet, which we will do here (with this site tomorrow) I loved the amoto with the written recount that helped illustrate what your students had done.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  7. I think you animoto is fantastic. Love the music. Your sports day looks like more fun than ours!

  8. Hello NZWaito,
    Thanks for your comments. The class is very excited that you have contacted us! We would love to follow your blog and we have added your blog to our class blogroll give us your web

  9. Our good friend K Trask

    We love your blog too
    Right now we're on vacation
    When we get back we will respond to you blog

    xxxx hanita

  10. Codie Newzealand Hamilton30 במרץ 2010 בשעה 14:03

    Hi codie here from Melville intermedate school in Newzealand I. think your blog is cool with all those videos that you have made how old are the students in your class

  11. We found visiting your class blog for students in New Zealand very exciting - the fact that we had to translate the page, the fact that it was in Israel, the students found this very interesti, they are currently on school holidays but will back in a couple of weeks and they will be excited to visit and see what you have been up to.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand,,

  12. shalom Mr Webb and Room 8,
    My students allso on vacation.
    When they return from vacation, they will be happy to find new friends.
    I'll introduce them to your blog